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What does reclaimed wood mean?

Reclaimed wood is any wood used for building or furniture that's already served a purpose in a previous life. That means it comes from a wide variety of places, each with its own unique history. Many of the reclaimed timbers Altruwood sells are hand-hewn beams from century-old barns that have fallen into disrepair.

Where can I get reclaimed wood?

If you're on the hunt for reclaimed wood for your home or your latest DIY project, here's where to start your search. • Home Depot. • Etsy. • eBay. • Craigslist. • Reclaimed Lumber Dealers. • Architectural Salvage Retailers.

How much does reclaimed wood cost?

The Costs. The average minimum cost of reclaimed wood flooring is $8.18 per square foot. The average maximum cost of reclaimed wood flooring is $10.43 per square foot.

Does Home Depot have reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed Wood - Barn Wood - The Home Depot.

Why is reclaimed wood so expensive?

Reclaimed wood is also said to be more expensive because of the process that is involved in reclaiming it from its previous use. There is much more work involved in sourcing the material to create reclaimed wood furniture and material for reclaimed wood flooring.

Is reclaimed wood safe?

• From adhesives to insecticides to lead, reclaimed wood provides safe harbor to all sorts of things you can't see with the naked eye. And it's not just chemicals that should concern you.

Why is reclaimed wood better?

When it's harvested responsibly, reclaimed wood is a renewable resource that reduces both the use of environmental hazards to make new products and landfill waste. For example, it's far better for the environment to install old wood flooring rather than petroleum-based linoleum or carpeting.

What kind of wood is reclaimed barn wood?

Barns are one of the most common sources for reclaimed wood in the United States. Those constructed through the early 19th century were typically built using whatever trees were growing on or near the builder's property. They often contain a mix of oak, chestnut, poplar, hickory and pine timber.

Are pallets reclaimed wood?

• Sources of Reclaimed Wood. Probably the most accessible reclaimed wood is pallet wood, a trend that has pretty well exploded and single-handedly taken over Pinterest. Pallets are great because they are everywhere. • Another great source for reclaimed wood is old fencing or building material.

Is Reclaimed pine good?

Reclaimed pine is excellent for flooring, furniture, and vintage cabinets. Proper maintenance allows consumers to enjoy the patterns and hues of the wood, the same way its original owners did. Although experts may try, reclaimed oak contains patina that cannot be replicated through a finish.